dr. med. univ. Renate THIELE

Vice President of the Austrian Society for Ozone Therapy since 2021

Lecturer of the Austrian Society for Ozone Therapy since 2012 for doctors of medicine with doctorate , among others also for students at the Sigmund Freud Private University in Vienna and Public medical faculty of the University  of Vienna

Member of the Board of the Austrian Umbrella Association for Medical Complementary/Holistic Medicine since 2018

Coauthor of the book “Integrative Medicine” chapter “basics of ozone therapy” published by Springer Verlag 2019

Coauthor of the book “COVID and Integrative Medicine” chapter Ozone therapy, planned edition in Springer Verlag autumn 2022

National and International lecturing activity on the subject of ozone therapy since 2012

Graduated in medicine from Karl Franzen’s University in Graz in 1992

Education and Training as a general practitioner, occupational medicine, psychosocial and psychosomatic medicine, and complementary / holistic medicine with the focus on ozone therapy,   orthomolecular medicine, homotoxicology and micro immunotherapy since 1992

Own medical practice since 2003

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