Prof. Dr. Med. Ziad Fahmy
M.CH.B, MD, D.Ph. Med. PH. D
Professor of reumathology Chief Consulting Rheumatologist Augusta Clinic, Bad Kreuznach
Dr. Renate Viebahn-Hänsler
Scientific Consultant in Medical Ozone (Technology and Pharmacology) Board Member of the International Ozone Association IOA; President Elect EA3G for 2023/24 Editorial board member of the scientific journal of the IOA: Ozone:Science & Engineering". Executive Board Member of the "Medical Society for Ozone Application in Prevention and Therapy”
Dr. med. dent. Wilhelm Schüler
Dr. med. dent.
Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz License to practice medicine in 1982 License to practice dentistry in 1985 Promotion to 1985 Dental/medical practice in Speyer since 1987
Dr. Michael Schreiber
Dr. Specialist in Internal Medicine
Specialist in Internal Medicine Endocrinology Natural Medicine Acupuncture Ozone Therapy Council member of the Germany Ozone Society
Univ. Doz. Med. Rat Dr. Johann Lahodny
expert in bioresonance, Vitalfeld, oxygen, Tachyonentherapy and darkfield microscopy
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